Trimurti ICS pleased to announce the Mission 2021-22 plan where everybody who purchases gets benefited. A Single person expenses minimum Rs. 5000 per month on his/her family needs. Here Trimurti ICS will help to generate more money as the person purchases.

When you join Trimurti ICS Rajyog Plan by paying Rs. 30/- (executing purchase transaction of Rs. 600/-) only, you will get your ID No with password immediately on your registered Mobile No. and you will be placed in the Network structure of your Introducer Member. Also your 6 points (each point of Rs. 100/-) will be automatically placed First Come First Serve basis (Left to Right and Top to Bottom) in binary format in the Auto Network generated by company.

You have to record purchase transactions of Rs. 600/- by paying Rs. 30/- as service charge per month for the period of 66 months. After 66 months, you will be getting Rs. 3000/- which is more than your service charge paid for 66 months.

In near future, we will introduce ATM cards for Cashless transaction all over India. Some of the befenits :


It will be very convinient for everyone if cashless transactions are widely accepted. No hassle to carry cash and less risky.


You can view history of your expenses easily and manage your budget smartly.


All cashless transactions become above ground and visible / traceable. So they are taxable (less black money) and also encourage people to transact legally and pay taxes.


Tax collections will increase significantly and that revenue can be used for the benefit of society - building infrastructure, helping poor and less privileged people, education, health care etc. It can be used to lift Indians out of poverty and also fuel economic growth.


As tax collection increases; tax rates can be reduced (as tax net becomes wider) and tax rules simplified.


Any monetary help to poor and needy people can be through bank transfers (even payment for rural employment generation schemes like MNREGA). No instances of middle men siphoning off the aid and exploiting the poor. This is coupled with infrastructure so that those people can use the money in their bank accounts for cashless transactions (even using non-smart feature phones).


It will be difficult to have counterfeit currency and / or support criminal activities and terrorism.


Much better data of India's GDP including informal and service sector to understand what sectors are growing and where support is needed.


Less need to print paper currency and replace it so reducing those costs.


Wealth stored with banks as savings accounts, FDs or investments is used for productive use (invested back in public and private sector by their banks) instead of wealth lying unused as stacks of currency bills hidden under mattresses and in cupboards.

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